Phrasal Verb Friday: Paulo and Jennifer’s Love Story

Happy Friday! Today is an extra special day for me, not only is it phrasal verb Friday (wooo!), and Valentine’s Day in Brazil (feliz dia dos namorados gente! – Happy Valentine’s Day gang!),Β it’s also the day Paulo and I celebrate … Continue reading

Cartoon Friday ~Body Idioms

β™₯ Β‘ Happy Friday! β™₯

Enjoy this week’s cartoons



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Cartoon Friday ~ Humor with Mood Idioms


Hey! T.G.I.F!!!Β  This is an extension to this week’s idiom post: Be on Cloud Nine with these Idioms for Feelings and Moods

I thought it would be a fabulous opportunity to see how some of these idioms are being used through humor, and see them in pictures. Enjoy learning through laughter today!

First, enjoy this video featuring Rachel Dratch and her character from Saturday Night Live, “Debbie Downer.”

See how negative she can be, what does she complain about?




Have a wonderful Friday, Happy Studying! β™₯

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Cartoon Friday ~ Technology and Education: Does it mix?

Is it Friday already?! Is it just me, or has this week has flown by!?Β  Happy Friday my favorite English lovers! This week let’s take humor to the classroom, and look at something that everyone loves: technology.Β  You’re utilizing technology right now for learning (or are you?). So they work well together, right? πŸ™‚

Below are some humorous examples of the use of technology in education, failing ….big time! I’d love to hear about your experiences with education and technology, both positive and negative! Let me know in the comment section. Each picture also has a caption with a question that you can answer. Have a go!

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend, and of course, Happy Studying and ‘Cartooning’ ! β™₯



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Cartoon Friday ~ LuLu Bear

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Because this week’s Idiom of the Week theme is all about my kitten, LuLu Bear, the first official cartoon Friday post will continue her honor. Remember: each cartoon has a caption that you can answer in the comment section below, … Continue reading