English Idioms ~ Keeping it in the family

In honor of International Day of Families, and my own family in from out of town this weekend, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s idioms to family.   So what are some common idioms related to family? Find some of them … Continue reading

Be on Cloud Nine with these English Idioms for Feelings and Moods

Think about your daily routine, conversations, and interactions. How often do you answer the questions, “How are you?” or “How are you doing?” Have you ever been asked, “Are you okay?” “Is something wrong?” Being able to express our feelings … Continue reading

“Talk the talk and walk the walk” Idiom exercise ANSWERS

“Talk the talk and walk the walk” Idiom exercise ANSWERS

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“Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk” with these Conversation English Idioms (+ exercise)

   So, do you think you can talk the talk and walk the walk? Well, after learning these useful idioms related to conversation, language, and speaking, you definitely will be able to! Communication is so important, we rely on it … Continue reading