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Free Friday: Learn English with Breaking Bad

breakingbadWhen it comes to Breaking Bad, you may be one of 3 groups of people:

1. “I’ve never seen it.”

2. “Eh, whatever…didn’t care for it.”

3. “AMAZING, re-watching…[for the 3rd time]”

Perhaps number 3 is a bit of an exaggeration, but whatever group you may….or may not fit into, this post will still definitely appeal to you. I think that films and TV series are sometimes undervalued as a learning tool. Most shows can become “guilty pleasures” or seen as times when you’re being lazy on the couch; however, they carry such incredible language learning opportunities. Actually, the learning doesn’t stop at language…cultural references can be seen too! They’re an insight to so much more than just the words you can hear. Not only is there the entertainment value (assuming you choose a good one, and like films) but there is the personal challenge: your goal to watch a foreign film, without subtitles. This inner challenge can be a great motivational tool if you’re the kind of person who needs a little extra motivation.

Most students learning English want to speak fluently, but don’t fully realize the importance of all those other skills that make a fluent speaker. You know which skills I am talking about, the forgotten ones:  listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, reading, etc…

But how can a TV show help with my grammar and reading?

The listening part is obvious, you watch a show or movie and you practice listening. What isn’t so obvious is the underlying grammar that you are also listening to and processing. You’re experiencing complete and accurate sentence structures, a variety of tenses, and just how it should sound in relation to pronunciation and intonation. If you have subtitles, in English, you’ll practice reading skills (pace, skimming/scanning, comprehension), and there will be new vocabulary, without a doubt.

Still not quite convinced at how much a TV show can help with your language skills? Try it out! I’ve included a PDF attachment of an example of the type of material that’s a part of my English Through Film & TV Series course. The first section has important vocabulary and expressions, and not ones that you can necessarily find yourselves in a dictionary or online. You can pre-study the vocabulary so you are aware of the meanings as you watch the show. While you watch, a variety of questions will check your comprehension and understanding of the episodes, and finally as a way to practice speaking and wrap it up, discussion questions that you can review with me. In this case, I encourage interaction through my comment section. Share your thoughts, opinions, and answers for others to read as well!

Students: Interested in more lessons and practice with English through Film and TV series? Contact me for class options:

Teachers: Interested in a file without the watermark? Contact me for details:

See the pilot episode of Breaking Bad’s lesson here:


Happy Studying! ♥ Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Benefits of Studying Online

“I want to study a language, I just don’t know where I can find the time.”

“My schedule changes too much to commit to a class schedule.”

“I am already trying to balance work, family, friends, and LIFE. How can I add something else?”

“The closest language school is still too far.”

“I don’t have the money for costly one-on-one personal sessions.”

“I am too nervous speaking in front of a classroom full of people.”


Do any of these ‘excuses’ sound familiar to you?  Ever stopped yourself from fulfilling your language dream, simply because you “didn’t have the time”? Well fortunately, with the wonderful world wide web, some of those excuses are no longer true! There are many benefits to studying online, not only convenience and flexibility, but many more options of instructors, classes, themes, etc…

Let me help motivate you by giving solutions to the obstacles blocking your new path of opportunities…

“I want to study a language, I just don’t know where I can find the time.”
• With flexible online scheduling, you can find time ANYWHERE in your schedule. Learn English while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, while baby naps, when the kids have gone to bed, or during lunch time at the office. You name the time, we make it happen.
“My schedule changes too much to commit to a class schedule.”
• There is no need to commit to a class schedule. Your schedule is what you make it. Various times and days are available, and we can meet as many or as few times per week as you’d like. Last minute scheduling for classes is also available.*
“I am already trying to balance work, family, friends, and LIFE. How can I add something else?”
• Finding the time to add something new involves making it a priority. Speaking another language will open more doors of opportunity for work, travel, and friendships. Studying a new language shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun, inspiring, and become a passion. With my dynamic lesson plans and teaching styles, I assure you’ll want to find the time.
“The closest language school is still too far.”
• With online studying you can learn from the comfort of your own home or office! Step outside to a nearby cafe, library, or even a park, and combine a refreshing environment with an exciting lesson. Simply put, you get to choose the location of your class!
“I don’t have the money for costly one-on-one personal sessions.”
• One-to-one/private language sessions can be expensive, especially if you add gas & mileage, materials, and the lesson itself. With online English study, you don’t pay gas/mileage, and I provide the material included in an affordable price. Package pricing is also available when bulk classes are purchased, and make sure to always look for current specials!
“I am too nervous speaking in front of a classroom full of people.”
• With a private online class with me, you don’t have anyone else to worry about. I will provide a comfortable and safe learning environment encouraging you to use any mistakes to your advantage and learn from them. Just you and a native English speaker is the perfect combination for success!
Study English online at

Study English online at

Contact me today if you’re interested in stepping out of your box [comfort zone] and looking to take the next step toward success. Don’t forget to share the power of knowledge and invite a friend!

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*last minute scheduling based on terms of agreement.

Free Friday: Share your Secrets

Do you have a secret?

What is your deepest, darkest secret? Is there anything you haven’t told anyone? If you had the opportunity to tell your secret anonymously, do you think you would do it?

Now is your opportunity to do it, similarly to the way you see above. You can learn more about sharing your secrets and improve your English skills with this Free Friday’s lesson based on the wonderful lesson provided by LinguaHouse. Improve not only your reading skills, but listening comprehension, vocabulary and overall English fluency by watching the provided video and using the lesson guide (with answers) to help you.

See LinguaHouse lesson [and answers] here:

Half a million secrets

Watch video for the file here:

Be sure to check out PostSecret‘s website to see even more secrets being revealed.

Happy Studying ♥

As always, let me know how you did, share your thoughts, and thanks for learning with me! Share with a friend if you’ve enjoyed this lesson.

Free Friday: #FBF

Still not familiar with the hashtag #FBF? Time to get in the know! Hashtags are everywhere on social media, and referenced daily throughout TV shows, and even news programs. #FBF stands for ‘Flashback Friday’ a time to relive the past.  Reliving the past can allow some time for reflection and growth, learn from mistakes, repeat the ideal, and make the most of your future.

In honor of #FBF, I will be reflecting on the past, and encouraging all of you to do the same…by reviewing and checking out some of my old posts. There are heaps [a lot] of material to review: vocabulary, idioms, listening, writing/reading comprehension, etc. So, what do you need to practice today? Take a look at the menu above, or utilize the sections to the right [categories & top posts] to find some posts that you find interesting or helpful.

Most of you reading this post, wanting to learn English, are all hoping for speaking fluency. Check out this post: Improving Speaking Fluency for tips and tricks on how to do it!

Going out this weekend?
Check out some of these super useful idioms to improve your speaking, and sound more like a native!

Music, Food, Family, Body, Feelings

Feeling uncomfortable with the way you speak?

Not anymore! Improve your fluency with the man from Malta, HERE!

Not sure what the best way to learn is?

Review how to learn best for your learning style by finding out your Multiple Intelligence strengths.

Happy Studying! ♥

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Free Friday: Grammar with MODAL review

Modals Modals Modals! Wait. First, what are they? Modals are auxiliary verbs, also known as “helping” verbs. These aux. verbs help change the meaning of main verbs to express a variety of things, such as: ability, possibility, obligation, etc.. Review … Continue reading

Free Friday: Listening Comprehension with TED

Practice Listening Comprehension & Vocabulary with TEDtalks Well, today is an excellent day to not only provide you with my Free Friday lesson…err, umm..Saturday lesson, but to also teach you the phrase, “it’s better late than never!” Something is ‘better … Continue reading