Cartoon Friday ~Body Idioms

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Let your hair down with these English body idioms

A great way to learn English idioms, and avoid the overwhelming feeling of their abundance, is to separate the idioms by category. I will help you with that by giving you some common English idioms related to our BODY. This … Continue reading

Onomatowhatta? Understanding Onomatopoeia in English

Onomatopoeia is the creation of a word from the natural sound or association with it. These are incredibly important to know in English, because it will allow you to express yourself creatively when writing, and also help make sense of those descriptions often seen in subtitles. They are around us, everyday and everywhere. Take a look at my Prezi presentation below and check out some common examples, pictures, and descriptions of not only onomatopoeia, but some common language you’ll see in subtitles.

Then, start looking [AND LISTENING] around you. Take the “One Day Onomatopoeia Challenge.” How many examples of onomatopoeia can you identify? Share the number you discovered, and some of them with me in the comment section!

If the video below doesn’t work, please click the link below to take you directly to the Prezi presentation.

Onomatopoeia Prezi


Happy discovering !