I am Jennifer, an ESL teacher from San Diego, and currently based in Tucson. Welcome to English Outside the Box’s learning blog, a platform originally created to get my students outside of the classroom norms [hence, outside the box], and maximize opportunities for “real-life” English use and connections with me, as well as other language learners. The learning blog has since expanded to reach students across the globe and I am delighted to help thousands of English learners throughout the month.

This blog is just 1 part of English Outside the Box, make sure to stop by and say hello on my social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each and everyone of these platforms provides me with an additional opportunity to share learning resources and provide English tips.

Are you a student looking for online English lessons via Skype? I create personalized learning plans to help you reach the goals you want. I can help you more effectively prepare for an academic test (TOEFL/IELTS,TOEIC), review grammar skills through conversation, or help with speaking and pronunciation. Those are just some of the courses I offer, visit my website or click here to see more!

Are you a teacher looking for some inspiration or teaching resources? I got those for you! Interactive lesson plans for grammar, using film or TV in the classroom/online, and ways to get your students speaking and moving! Are you interested in guest posting on the blog? Feel free to share your ideas and we can get your post in front of thousands of followers. Just click here to send me a message and we’ll chat!

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I have a real a passion to help people all around the world master their English. I hope this blog will not only help learners of English, but also inspire native English speakers to share their knowledge for those who utilize this page for learning, including teachers. The content may have an English learning focus, but many of the posts ask you to share information to connect with everyone interacting with the blog.

I really hope everyone can find something meaningful within the site, insightful questions, useful information, or just the power of connection through language. Anyone can participate and comment, on old or new posts! There will be consistent new updates, and I am always exploring new themed ideas, weekly “regulars,” and will always surprise you with something new!

As the blog is a work in progress, check back for my newest posts for discussion and learning opportunities, and of course, make sure to follow and share with people who you think can learn and help make a difference!


Happy Studying, Learning, and Connecting! ♥


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25 thoughts on “About

  1. My dear Jennifer thank you for share with your students this blog, when we will have the opportunity to improve our english, I really miss san diego and I wish come back soon to visit u and enjoy again that lovely city. Hugs from Colombia.


    • Alejandra, I miss your energy and participation! I am happy to share the blog with you (and all students) and encourage you to participate in some of the coming posts to keep your English ‘perfecto’ 😉 It’s a great way to stay in touch, connect, and practice!
      Hasta Luego ~ See you later!


  2. Hey Jennifer, great initiative. I dont know if I told you that back in 2012 but it was quite a surprise the pace you adapted yourself to our class (advanced) when you first arrived to replace Naomi. I must confess that at first I did not like the way you were conducting your classes, but after like 2 weeks I was quite impressed how much you had adapted yourself to our class and our specific knowledges. When I left advanced I already considered you one of the best teachers i’ve ever had.
    Well, if didnt back then, there it is. Keep up the good work. =]

    And what about Portuguese? Fluent already?


    • Lucas! So great to hear from you, and thank you so much for this feedback, I appreciate it! Yes, it can be a challenge stepping into a class that is extremely comfortable and happy with their current teacher, and “filling the shoes” of someone as lovely as Naomi. With that said, I am so genuinely happy to hear you left with such positivity and a great classroom experience, that’s my goal! 🙂 Stay in touch, check back in, and thanks again for the post (I look forward to more). E já fluente? Eu era fluente o dia eu comecei estudar! P.S. How are you keeping up with your English skills?


  3. Dear Jennifer, you have a real chance to be the most popular blogger! ))) your students will spread the world! we love u! ))
    Hugs from Russia! 😉


  4. Well, first of all great initiative. You, more than anyone, know why students all over the world go to San Diego. It’s not just to learn english or do a specialization on his/her area. It’s way more than this. It’s to “live the dream”. You, as a teacher (one of the best for sure) can catch that and grab students attention (we know that ain’t easy) by doing interactive classes, talking and listening. You are able to scan each student and take the best of it.
    Now, talking about what you did for me. Well, my purpose was to live the dream and I did it better than anyone – I gotta brag myself on that. But besides it I was there to learn and I’ve learned much from you and from my buddies.
    When I went to New York City to study screenwriting I was confident that I could go for it without fearing to write a length movie in english. You have a good plot on my story in US.
    It was so good that I’m doing my second draft and with lucky I will shot it in few years.
    I gotta send to you – The Pitchman – look over and share your thoughts, cause in the end you’ve helped achieve my goal.
    Mauricio Sadalla Bucci.


    • Mauricio, so good to hear from you, and what WONDERFUL news about your achievements and success! I am so honored to be considered a part of it. I’d love to read the screenplay, you have my e-mail so feel free to send it anytime! I really appreciate your comments, kind words, and post. Stay in touch! And, of course….BEST OF LUCK with your second draft!


  5. hello there 🙂
    I consider myself not very good in English. My grammar is really weak and I think i should keep trying to improve it.
    I am glad that I find out your blog
    Will you be my teacher 😀 hehe
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones. amen


  6. Hello Jennifer! Acessei seu blog como voce me recomendou. Esta tudo em ingles, Espero que voce possa me ajudar a entender tudo e falar tambem! Ansiosa para a Nossa proxima aula! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for liking my blog, http://www.englishmanual.wordpress.com. That’s given me a chance to have a look through your informative blog. I especially like the section on idioms.
    I’d like to add one more idea to your list to help students: to look at the history of words and the way that they are formed. One of the thrusts of “English Manual: Letter by Letter” is to describe why English words that seem so strange do have some logic behind them.
    All the best.


  8. Hello Jennifer,

    I would like to take advantage of this forum to express my gratitude about your help with my TOEIC exam perp. I never expect to get an 885 score . It was a very intense training but also very quick . I can´t wait to see what happen´s with the next exam to be taken.

    Thanks so much .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Ashley! Welcome! Welcome! I am happy to have you join me and the other English Outside the Box learners! There are plenty of links in these blog posts that will connect you to my social media, YouTube channel, and many ways to continuously learn English. I’m looking forward to seeing your practice and connections!


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