Learning Outside the Box with Instagram: Better English & English Expressions + Video Interview

We’re continuing on with Learning Outside the Box with Instagram series and featuring an Instagram star, Dan aka (*also known as*) @ betterenglish. I think I first noticed Dan and his videos months ago, and they immediately stood out (*got my attention*). The videos are witty (*funny*), entertaining, and best of all, they teach English expressions, idioms, and phrasal verbs that are common and so useful in everyday conversation.

I had the pleasure of talking with Dan about his Instagram account, and his recommendations of how YOU (an English learner) should use it, and we decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone (*do 1 action and get 2 results*). We wanted to: 1)inform you about his Instagram account and how to learn with it and 2)give you listening comprehension practice. Because we are in week 2 of our blog schedule, I am also adding a writing element for you at the end of this post. So, I should correct my previous idiom to killing 3 birds with 1 stone (although, just a note: this expression doesn’t commonly exist).

So make sure you get out your pen and paper, because I recommend taking notes while you listen. To help you along and maximize your learning (*give you the most benefit*), I’ve written the transcripts of this video, which means you can read and follow along. To download that worksheet, click the image below.

Take it away Dan….

Remember you can download the full video transcript here.

I mentioned I wanted to give you additional writing practice, to follow up with your listening comprehension task. So below I have written a couple of questions. I would like you to answer them, with complete sentences of course, and write your answers in the comment section below. This way I can see what you wrote and give you some feedback!

1)  What type of expressions and phrasal verbs does Dan teach on his Instagram? What did he say he would never dream of doing?

2)  What are 2 of the few things that Dan said you (an English learner) can do in order to learn in the best way with @betterenglish? (

3)   To bite the bullet  means to do something unpleasant because it is necessary or helpful, even though you would like to avoid it. What do Dan and I suggest doing, that he says you should “bite the bullet and do?” Are you going to take his suggestion?

I look forward to reading your responses to the questions and reading your comments on Instagram. Don’t be shy, say hello, and start maximizing your Instagram today!

Happy Studying! ♥

Dan and Jen will host another American VS British English webinar! Are you interested in joining?

Click Here for more British VS American English information

Please share this post with a friend, it would be appreciated! Thank you,

xo Jennifer

One thought on “Learning Outside the Box with Instagram: Better English & English Expressions + Video Interview

  1. Fabulous post! Love it! I’m getting ready to do a write-up for one of the Russian blogs. I did a pitch today and the person said, “What? Instagram? Who wants to look at the boring vocabulary flash cards on instagram?” After I shared both of your accounts the person’s attitude has changed. Yay 🙂 So I’ll be writing something in Russian and letting you know that you’re getting some world acclaim 🙂

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