August Learning Plan’s Week 1 Review: Reading

Congratulations on finishing week number one of the August Learning Plan! Last week you discovered your reading level and reviewed some helpful tips to improve your reading via English Club, as well as practicing and improving your skimming and scanning skills!

Week #2 has officially started! That means you only have 1 more day to sign up for the first Group conversation class, happening on Tuesday evening (PDT time!) and should be thinking about your Instagram/Youtube video challenge and looking forward to the pronunciation post coming later this week! However, I wanted to give you the links to week #2’s files in a quick post, so here they are…

Activity #1
English Club is a favorite learning resource of mine, and I have recommended the site to many students along my teaching journey. They have a very useful quiz to test your reading level, as well as links to different tips and resources to practice and improve. Start by taking the reading test here: Then, click the READING tab to browse their resources!

Activity #2
Scanning is the skill you have the opportunity to practice and improve in the second activity. Access the file here:
Not only will you improve reading skills, you’ll be exposed to new vocabulary and have access to a helpful vocabulary building website (& already made lists!) When you need to get specific information in a text, particular answers to a question, or certain pieces of data/details, scanning is the way to do it!

Activity #3
To practice skimming for main ideas, you can click here:
In this post you will read an article about Employee motivation, and will skim (read quickly) to try and understand the general concept of the article. Remember, you don’t need to understand it all, just the key points. If you’re ever in a situation that you need to read something very quickly (think academic tests, meetings, cram sessions) then this is the activity for you!

1) explore some of the different areas on English Club, and complete some of the many practice exercises.
2) explore more of my vocabulary lists (& others) on Quizlet, and don’t forget to practice with the 6 different learning exercises, I like “Space Race!”


What was your favorite activity? Which helped you the most? Did you complete any of the EXTRA learning resources and practice activities? I’d love to hear from you, and hear about your progress, so don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a message!

Happy Studying! ♥

Please share this post with someone you know that wants some English reading practice!

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