Phrasal Verb Friday: Paulo and Jennifer’s Love Story

Happy Friday!

Today is an extra special day for me, not only is it phrasal verb Friday (wooo!), and Valentine’s Day in Brazil (feliz dia dos namorados gente! – Happy Valentine’s Day gang!), it’s also the day Paulo and I celebrate 6 years of life together! Yes, it’s our anniversary. Just to specify, it’s not our wedding anniversary, but our LVE anniversary, which is just as special to us! To honor our love for #phrasalverbfriday, I made a phrasal verb love story to highlight some points along our journey, and I would love to share it with you today. You can read our love story via this amazing infographic, and continue reading below for the definitions of each of the red phrasal verbs.


fall for (someone): to feel a strong attraction for (someone), and to start feeling very strong romantic emotions

hit it off: to become friends, be very friendly, and have a great connection from the start

bump into (someone): to unexpectedly see and meet someone in public

hit on (someone): to talk to (someone) in order to try to start a romantic/intimate relationship

[to be] blown away: to be very surprised and impressed by something

ask (someone) out: to ask someone to go on a date or somewhere with you, usually romantically

get along: to be friendly and have a good relationship with someone

crack up: to laugh a lot, usually in an uncontrollable way

get away: to go on a vacation or a holiday

[to be] crazy about (someone): to like someone very much

settle down (with someone): to begin to live a quiet and steady life (with someone) by being exclusive, living together, getting married, etc..

move in together: to start living in a house, apartment, etc.. together with another person

BONUS- to be/get hitched: to get married

Thanks for sharing this special day with me. Do you have a romantic love story? Can you express your journey with these phrasal verbs? I’d love to hear your stories, so don’t be shy!

Please spread the love and share this post/infographic ♥

Happy Studying! ♥

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