Free Friday & Phrasal Verb Friday Presents: EOTB’s Video Learning Series

Happy Friday to you all!

Phrasal Verb Friday is back, and I’ve combined it with Free Friday (remember those lesson plans I had been posting a while back: Breaking Bad, Writing Help, Modals, #FBF?) to present the newest excitement over here at English Outside the Box, my Video Learning Series! English Outside the Box’s Video Learning Series is the start of even more great content for you, language learners and language lovers. These videos will continue to teach you various skills, give you strategies or tips for learning, and is (will be) a great addition to your listening comprehension practice.

If you still haven’t clicked to open a new tab and search for English Outside the Box’s YouTube channel, what are you waiting for? To save you the trouble you can just click or go here ⇒

The debut video will help you learn new phrasal verbs, practice listening comprehension, and encourages you to take the next steps to practice writing and connect with me and others learners to share these written examples. Everything is better when shared with others, right? The main skill areas in this video are grammar and listening comprehension; however, in case you just can’t quite get everything that’s said, I’ve included a .PDF file below the video with the content needed. Feel free to download and share with your classroom, colleagues, etc as long as proper credit is given, of course!

Presenting…. EOTB’s Video Learning Series

Couldn’t quite pick up everything I was putting down? Here is the PDF sheet to help you with that!

Happy Studying! ♥

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