Free Friday: Cultural Differences

Since this blog is viewed all over the world, I think discussing cultural differences is a great way to get people involved and connected with one another. This is a post I’ll really encourage conversation and discussion, and the best way to do that is through the comment section below. Something so important to remember during a topic like ‘cultural differences’ is RESPECT. Different doesn’t mean bad, and we should all remember that no one would intentionally mean to hurt another person when expressing differences of opinions here… at least I’d hope so!

This lesson was created by me, but powered by TEDed, an excellent resource for any teacher (or student) out there interested in turning videos into engaging lessons online. You can access the full lesson by visiting:

The lesson includes listening comprehension [to be answered online], vocabulary [answers here], and opportunities for discussion and connection [to answer in the comment section here]. Questions? Shoot me a comment, and I’ll hopefully clear it up for you!

Scroll below for the vocabulary answers.

Discussion Questions:

*Did you learn anything new in this lesson about cultures?
*Do cultural differences make a country “better” than another? Why or Why not?
*What are issues with comparing countries as “better” or “worse”?
*What country seems to be the most different to yours? The most similar?
*Would you change anything about your country?
*How can people learn more about your culture/country, and others?

Interested in more culture expansion? Check out how to travel and learn about the world for your own home…HERE.

Vocabulary Answers:

1. f        2. d         3. e         4. c          5. a         6. g         7. b

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