English Idioms ~ Keeping it in the family


In honor of International Day of Families, and my own family in from out of town this weekend, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s idioms to family.   So what are some common idioms related to family? Find some of them here! Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Cartoon Friday post, which will also feature some of these idioms in use, as well as other funny pictures relating to family.

*remember, to practice, I encourage you to write a comment below using the new idioms in context. Write a story, a sentence, anything to utilize them. Or, introduce your own family related idiom to help others!*

  1. like one of the family : (expression) used as a way to say that someone or something (ex: a pet) is a part of the family, or a member of the family.           example: Vitor is like one of the family, he always spends time with us during the holidays and weekends, and even though he isn’t my brother, I feel that he is!
  2. blood is thicker than water: (expression) used to describe how strong family ties and relationships are, especially when comparing to non-family relationships.                                                                                                                     example: It was Lucy’s best friend’s birthday on Saturday; however, it was also her grandmother’s 100th birthday. Her dad told her that she had better spend the day with her grandmother, because blood is thicker than water.
  3. the black sheep of the family: (noun) a member of the family who is odd, or not like the rest (usually for negative reasons).                                                  example: Melissa and her brother have always been straight-A students in high school, and both got scholarships to universities due to their hard work and dedication. Mark, however, has spent most of his high school career in and out of juvenile hall. He has always been the black sheep of the family!
  4. your own flesh and blood: (expression) a member of the family             example: I was really shocked at how Dylan’s brother treated Dylan on the phone after completely misunderstanding that situation. The way is was yelling, and the bad names he called him was extremely unforgivable. It hard to believe he would treat his own flesh and blood that way.


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Practice questions:

1. Who is something that is like one of the family for you?

2. Do you think blood is always thicker than water? When is it not?

3.  Are you the black sheep of your family? Who do you know that is the black sheep?

4.  Have you ever treated your own flesh and blood poorly? Why?



Although “keeping it in the family” means to not spread or share information to people outside of your family, please….share these idioms with your friends, or anyone who would find them useful!

Happy Studying! ♥


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