How do you motivate yourself to learn and practice English?

3 thoughts on “2nd_language

  1. I finished my english course last month, and until last week, I had not studied anything, and after that I registered myself at english club I began to know several people around the world, and this was amazing because I have always had problem in communication with other people. And was at english club that I get know about this blog, but I have a question…
    What is the signification of the figure out ?
    I searched but didn’t understand..


    • Michel! I am glad Englishclub introduced you to the blog, I am happy to have you here! I love getting to know people around the world as well, and the meaning of “figure out” is to understand how to do/solve something. It’s a phrasal verb, and as you said, they can be difficult to understand. So if the ATM (bank machine) is in Spanish, and the child doesn’t know spanish, then she’ll need to “figure out” or understand how to take out money in a different language. Do you understand?


  2. Now I discovered how to get your answer……

    I already wrote in my book the signification of “figure out”. Thanks


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