“Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk” with these Conversation English Idioms (+ exercise)

talking   So, do you think you can talk the talk and walk the walk? Well, after learning these useful idioms related to conversation, language, and speaking, you definitely will be able to! Communication is so important, we rely on it day in..and day out (24/7…all the time!). Don’t bite your tongue, be sure to ask for any clarification if you don’t understand in the comment section! So, here we go….

  1. talk the talk and walk the walk: talking about something as if it is really good, and then following through with the action   (or, to say you will do things and follow through)
  2. bite your tongue: to avoid saying something (try hard not to say)
  3. strike up a conversation: to start talking with someone
  4. hear something through the grapevine: to hear news by rumor or gossip: hear from a person, who heard it from another person, etc…
  5. a little bird told me: a way to show you do not want to say who told you (revealed) information, usually playfully.
  6. touch base: re-connect with someone and talk about recent news/personal information
  7. speak the same language: to understand someone else because of sharing the same thoughts/feelings/ideas
  8. talk a mile a minute: talk very fast
  9. talk [something] out: to talk about something, usually a problem, in order to find a solution.
  10. have a heart to heart: having a very deep and meaningful conversation, that is very personal
  11. get a word in edgewise: find an opportunity to say something/speak in a conversation (usually with difficulty because the other speaker talks to much)

Can you complete the following sentences below with the correct idioms? Comment with your answers.

1.   Paulo and Jennifer got into an argument about whose turn it was to clean Lulu’s litter box, and they were really angry. They really need to ___________________.

a) hear it through the grapevine         b) talk it out             c) talk a mile a minute


2.  Holly always ______________ when she’s nervous.

a) talks a mile a minute   b) gets a word in edgewise   c) speaks the same language


3.  Natalie and Jessica have never been friends. They argue often and don’t get along; they just don’t ________________.

a) touch base               b) hear through the grapevine         c) speak the same language


4. During work meetings, it’s really hard to ________________ because our boss talks so much.

a) get a word in edgewise           b) talk a mile a minute           c) a little bird told me


5.  Krystal asked me to ______________ with her after my trip to tell her all about the fun stuff I did.

a) talk the talk and walk the walk          b) bite my tongue            c) touch base


6. I found out my co-worker was pregnant ___________, because a lot of people were talking about it in the teacher’s room.

a) through the grapevine          b) a little bird told me           c) have a heart to heart


7. Lucy is so outgoing and loves meeting new people. She always ___________ so easily, with anyone new she meets.

a) talks a mile a minute        b) strikes up a conversation         c) touches base


8. Taylor is so arrogant! He is always saying that he is the best soccer player in the class; so Mike asked him, _________________________

a) “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”     b)  “Did a little bird tell you?”     c)  “Are we speaking the same language?”


9 – 11….. Can you make your own sentences? Give it a try in the comment section!


     Want to know the answers? Check my Facebook or Instagram after May 2, 2014 to find out!

Happy Studying, and Happy Hump Day! ♥



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