LuLu’s favorite idioms: CATS!


What are LuLu’s favorite idioms? Anything related to cats, of course! Below you will find some common cat related idioms and their definitions.

*remember, to practice, I encourage you to write a comment below using the new idioms in context. Write a story, a sentence, anything to utilize them. Or, introduce your own cat related idiom to help others!*

  1. curiosity killed the cat : (expression) used as a way to say that being too curious can get you into trouble, or as a warning to someone who is trying to get too involved in someone else’s business.                                                example: Paulo is planning something special for Jennifer’s birthday, and she knows that something is going on when he quickly ends a phone call about an airline ticket. After asking a few questions about what he was doing, Paulo tells Jennifer, “Stop asking so many questions! Remember, curiosity killed the cat!”
  2. to let the cat out of the bag: (verb) to make a secret known public                              example: Holly’s birthday was around the corner and Jennifer was planning a surprise party at her favorite restaurant. However, Christopher let the cat out of the bag when he accidentally told her about the dinner.
  3. a cat nap: (noun) a short sleep (nap) taken during the day.                          example: After working all day, Krystal needed a cat nap before her work party to feel awake and refreshed. 
  4. look what the cat dragged in: (expression) used to greet or acknowledge someone that you are surprised to see, similar to: “Look who’s here!”      example: While at a favorite happy hour spot, Jered and Parker are surprised to see their old roommate, Kerry, walk into the same bar and say hello, “Well, well, look what the cat dragged in! How are you?”

Happy Studying! ♥

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10 thoughts on “LuLu’s favorite idioms: CATS!

  1. One of my favorite kitty-related idiom for LuLu: “Cat got your tongue?”
    I love when someone is speechless or too surprised to speak that I can smile and say: ‘What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?’


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