How will you use the “real world” to improve your English this weekend?

4 thoughts on “How will you use the “real world” to improve your English this weekend?

  1. Hey everyone! I have a plan to improve my English during this weekend. On Saturday, I will go out with my roommate and her friends and this will help me to improve my English because they are all from Switzerland. Also, it’s easy to learn when you have fun. On Sunday, if the weather is good, I will go to the beach with some friend. But if the weather isn’t good, I will go to the mall in order to practice my English.
    Until next post!


  2. Hi! Everybody I also have a plan to improve my english during this weekend concretly today it is sunday and I will prepare a spanish dinner to my host family and the neighbors I will make a Paella I hope they enjoy it and have a good time and conversation after the dinner. If they dont like it at least I will know how a real native explain me why he or she dosent like it.

    Have a hice end of weekend!!


  3. Usually I spend my weekend going outside and watching drama. Saturday, I always go out and talk with everyone whom I meet. Sunday, I take a rest to relieve myself but I watch a drama like ‘Game of thrones’ or ‘Friends’. Actually it has a Korean subtitle, but I keep try listening. Recently, I started watching ‘Modern family’ without caption. I can’t understand everything but I review again and again until I can understand.
    I’m not sure that watching with a subtitle is helpful for me but, I believe it helps me to improve my English!


  4. Actually, on this weekend I didn’t go out anywhere. However, we have a big holiday next week! So I want to plan about next week.
    I think party is a good chance to practice our English skills. It has many advantages. Firstly, we are able to practice our listening and speaking skills, there are many foreign students in parties, so we can practice understanding different accents. And also can use English in real world. Second, we can boost our confidence. In my case when I talk to others, I worry about my grammatical mistakes. So when people don’t get what I mean, I easily lose my confidence. However when I talk with someone whose mother language isn’t English, I can get rid of my worry. So try joining party!
    If parties are not your cup of tea, you can eat out with your roommates or classmates instead.


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