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What was the most interesting or surprising thing you learned about your partner’s country? (Jennifer’s classroom activity)

Blog readers and followers, what is the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve learned while being abroad?

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12 thoughts on “Around the World…

  1. There is a really huge music festival every year in swizerland. This festival hold for 4days. Almost 90,000 people come to this festival and stay their own tant. It is really intereating.


  2. I asked to Alex about Soufiarabia.

    I was surprised that I can’t sake hands with women.

    He told it looks so weird.

    But I can sake hands with men even I meet him first time.

    After my question, he asked about subway. After answering, I asked same question.

    He told Soudi’s subway(actually likes torlley) dangerous.

    So he recommended if I want to go somewhere, I should buy or rent a car.

    I think handsaking taboo is most impressive for me.


  3. I find out that the biggest stadium in South Korea has a capacity of around 50000. The stadium is in Seoul and the play soccer inside. So if the nationalteam of Korea plays it is there.


  4. I would like to go to China.
    I like eating out, so I will go to ‘night street market’. We can eat various foods and the cost is cheap($10~20). I think we could eat athentic chinese food in there.
    The market is held to 9p.m to 2 a.m.
    In addition, chinese accomodation is cheap. Therefore I could travel china longer as possible as I can.

    However, I’d better not to buy clothing and bags in china.
    It’s is really pricey.


  5. Go to busan can find the most delicious seafood dishes . The fry chicken in Korea is real nice to try . The fruit in Korea is not inexpensive.


  6. Saudi Arabia.
    I talked with Lora and she told me that most Saudi Arabian has religion just how much they care about their religion is different. And at there a woman can’t drive but nowadays women try to change the raw so they do their best.


  7. Brasil is wonderful country where the music and dancing is really popular specially during the most famous festival: the carnival! The carnival takes place between February and March.The carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Bruna’s city, is the biggest and the most beautiful! There is also a competition diuring the carnival and people work hard during the whole year to win it!!


  8. I learning about Korean who they leave they use a subway to school or work but in rash hours they use car because it hard to drive .
    Also if I Vista to friend house it is not necessary to bring gift


  9. Hey everyone! Today I learned many things about Italy with my friend Virginia. She told me that depending on which part is in Italy, Brazilian will be very well received. Also, I learned with her that is really common in Italy try to negotiate at some stores, especially if you are a woman.
    Until next post!


  10. Gianna is such as a wonderful girl from Korea, Seoul. She lives in huge, fabulous place in the world, so she would like interduos her city. Seoul has four seasons. Her culture is very respect people and bow as greating people. Food is quit spicy. They have big wedding. Traditional close don’t wear now. She misses her country, but she prefer work hard for her future and stay in the US.


  11. One of the many things i’ve learned with my partner about this country is how to drive around. She thought me how to merge, change lanes and yield. Also to be very careful with pedestrians, since they almost always have the right of way. In my country we honk to say thanks, here….. not so much. As passengers we can also drink alcohol inside cars, here is strictly prohibit.


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